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Interpreter Services

Spanish, Portuguese and Khmer are spoken by many Health Center staff throughout our different locations. LCHC staff are fluent in more than 25 languages. In addition, interpreter services can be arranged for the languages our doctors and medical Interpreters do not speak.

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Metta Health Center

One of the nation's first East Meets West Health care facilities, Metta Health Center focuses on the city's Southeast Asian population. Over 25,000 of the city's residents are Cambodian, many of whom are also first generation Metta Center from Streetimmigrants. The primary goal of the Metta Health Center is to improve access to primary medical care for Cambodians and Laotians. Services include primary medical care, nutrition counseling, mental health services, traditional healing advice, acupuncture, massage therapy, social services, meditation, health education and also referrals. Services are provided by extremely experienced staff members with a history of community work and by culturally sensitive Western medical providers including; Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, and Registered Nurses.

"Metta" means love and kindness in the Khmer Buddhist language. Also Statues of Budhhasincluded in the services offered at the Metta Health Center are programs survivors of torture, refuge health assessments and mental health services. Interpreter services are available at the Metta Health Center. Interpreter services can be provided in Khmer and Laotian by trained staff members.


Located at: 135 Jackson Street, Lowell, MA 01852
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