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A Word From Our CEO

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Lowell Community Health Center. The Health Center has had a critical role in the health care system of Lowell for over 40 years. LCHC has grown tremendously over the years, becoming the “family doctor” for one in three people in the City of Lowell. As you browse our website, you will learn of our progress in delivering health care to the community, our innovation in outreach to the many cultures that make up Lowell’s population, and what makes us unique as a leading provider of expert and affordable health care and wellness services.

National Model for Cultural Competency

Community Health Centers were started in the U.S. in the sixties based on a model from South Africa. The idea was to provide care to those without access to care in a community run center that also provided employment to community members who could best identify with the needs of the patients. Today, LCHC’s staff of physicians, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, behavioral health professionals, outreach workers, and support staff represent the diverse cultural backgrounds of the City of Lowell. Our dedicated Board of Directors is comprised of a consumer majority, and its members represent the ethnic diversity of Lowell. Additionally, LCHC has been recognized as a national model in the delivery of culturally competent care. 

Neighborhood Doctor for One in Three in Lowell

In 2010 we served as the “family doctor” and provider of behavioral health services to nearly 42,000 people through 145,000 visits, compared to 15,000 people and 42,000 visits in 2000. To provide these services our staff size has grown from 138 to 250 in that time period and our budget from $9.1 million to $22 million. Over 50% of our staff is bilingual, bicultural, and 50% live in Lowell. LCHC’s impact on the local economy is calculated at $31 million.

Addressing Depression, Diabetes, and Asthma Rates in Our Community

Since 2000, we have strengthened the quality of our services while maintaining our attention to the social responsibility and elimination of health disparities that form the basis of our mission, “to provide caring, quality, and culturally appropriate health services to the people of Greater Lowell, regardless of their financial status; to enhance the health of our community; and to empower each individual to maximize his or her overall well-being.” Our continuous quality improvement efforts reveal statistically significant improvements in diabetes, depression, and asthma measures as well as improvements in the skills of our medical interpreters.

Connected to Community

Our continued success and community relevance can be attributed to the commitment, vision and insight of our team of staff, medical and behavioral health providers, our Cambodian Elders Council, African Advisory Council, and Latino and Brazilian Promotoras; and our numerous partnerships with community agencies providing health, social service, immigration, adult education, legal, housing, domestic violence, and numerous other services. Just some of the community agencies are Lowell General Hospital, Saints Medical Center, African Assistance Center, Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, MA Alliance of Portuguese Speakers, International Institute of Lowell, UMASS Lowell, Lowell Senior Center, Middlesex Community College, VNA of Greater Lowell, and Latin American Health Institute.

I welcome you to the LCHC, invite you to take a look at our health care services and programs, and ask that you consider us to serve as part of your health care team.


Dorcas Grigg-Saito
Chief Executive Officer