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Board of Directors

The Lowell Community Health Center is governed by a Board of Directors, whose members reflect the rich cultural diversity of the Health Center’s patients and staff, as well as the City of Lowell. The Board of Directors is comprised of a consumer majority where over half of its members receive care at the Health Center.

The Board meets monthly to foster and continue the development and adherence to the Health Center’s mission. Working directly with staff, the Board sets policy and direction for all the Health Center’s vast programs. Board Members also assist with program and management development strategies and represent the Health Center in various settings.

The Board of Directors works to promote the financial and institutional sustainability by monitoring budgets and resources.


Bruce Robinson, Chair

Susan Beaton, Immediate Past Chair

Sophy Theam, Vice Chair               

Susan Green, Treasurer                                            

Patricia Sullivan-Talty, Clerk                           



Mariatou Allie-Dumbuya
Maureen Andricopoulos                     
Sheryl Bourbeau                                             
Maria Cunha  
Dick Dionne 
Mary Jo Giroux                                                           
Gordon Halm                          
Terry Howard, MD
Vanna Howard                                                              
Stephen Laput                            
Mayte Ramos                                                                                                       
Leo Sheridan                                                     
Ardeth Thawngmung                         
Doris Ummuna