Ahmed's Story

Ahmed and his mother

Ahmed loves school but had to miss most of first grade last year to receive treatment for brain cancer. With the diagnosis, this family’s difficult journey became even harder.

Ahmed, his mother, and three siblings came to Lowell from a refugee camp in Uganda, leaving their father behind. They are uncertain when he will be able to join them here in the U.S. Meanwhile, Mom has had to fend for the family while dealing with the stress and complexity of Ahmed’s care.

To help ease the transition to their new life and ensure timely care for Ahmed, the health center provides the family with medical interpretation and the services of a talented community health worker—services that are not covered through medical insurance.

The community health worker helps connect Ahmed with healthy food and other local resources, as well as transportation to his oncology visits in Boston. None of those services are covered by insurance. It is your gift to the Lowell CHC WrapAround fund which makes all that possible.

When Ahmed was able to return to first grade part-time in the spring, our community health worker enlisted the school administration, and Lowell Police and Fire Departments in a triumphant “back to school” celebration for this young child, who had missed his classmates and teacher so much.

We’re happy to report that Ahmed is responding well to treatment and enjoying second grade. With your help, Lowell CHC is there to ensure that this resilient family has everything it needs — inside and outside of the exam room.

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