Charlotte's Story

Charlotte hugs Nurse Practitioner Catherine Elie

Seven-year-old Charlotte was a familiar face at Lowell Community Health Center’s Metta Health Center. Anytime Charlotte had a cold or a cough her cautious mother Jane brought her to see Nurse Practitioner Catherine Elie to be sure Charlotte was quickly cared for. Charlotte, her brother, and both of her parents all received their care at the Health Center. The entire family was connected to Catherine, and the staff at the Health Center.

When she was four-years-old, Charlotte was playing outside in the yard with her family. Being an active and curious child, she climbed up high onto a swing set, and fell to the ground. Charlotte was responsive, but was insistent that she felt sick and her head hurt. Jane rushed Charlotte to the Health Center. After a thorough examination, Catherine ordered an urgent CT scan at a local children’s hospital. The results of the test showed that Charlotte had bruising on her brain, and she immediately began treatment.   

Today Charlotte is completely healed. She is an active seven-year-old and enjoys dance class, Girl Scouts, and outings. Charlotte’s entire family has moved from the Merrimack Valley to Central Massachusetts, but they choose to travel to Lowell to seek care at Lowell Community Health Center because of the way Catherine, and the entire staff at the Health Center, made the family feel respected and addressed their health care concerns in a time of worry. Catherine has become a valued and trusted friend. 


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