Kelly and Kiona-Lyn

Kelly and Kiona-Lyn

Meet Kelly, one of the 50,000 people cared for at Lowell Community Health Center.

She’s just 20 years old, but Lowell native Kelly Logn has already experienced a lot of ups and downs in her young life.

She says that the highlight of her life occurred when her beautiful baby, Kiona-Lyn was born. When she talks about her daughter, her face literally lights up. “She’s really, really smart”, Kelly says.

And, because she wanted the very best care for Kiona-Lyn, Kelly immediately brought her to see her own doctor, Dr. Sneh Dave, at Lowell Community Health Center.

Kelly says that Dr. Dave has always been there for her, through lots of procedures and multiple operations. In fact, when x-ray after x-ray failed to detect the cause of Kelly’s back pain, it was Dr. Dave who sent Kelly for an MRI that detected a life-threatening tumor on her spinal cord.

What’s next for Kelly? Her new goal is to be the best mom possible for Kiona-Lyn. Kelly says that she will always remain a patient at Lowell Community Health Center because “they truly know who I am, and I want that for my family, too.”

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