We Love Our Staff: Meet Diana!

I am happy to introduce you to Diana, a nurse practitioner in our family medicine department. Diana shares the perspective of providers working in primary care during this pandemic. Diana shared this perspective with me when I saw her the other day at the health center. Our primary care providers have been spending the majority of their time on the phone or on video making sure to be accessible to and care for our patients throughout this past year as we awaited the vaccine. Thank you, Diana, for serving, for caring, and for giving hope.

“As a clinician working in primary care, I have had a helpless feeling throughout this pandemic. We abruptly changed how we provide care to our patients, and it feels like we cannot do enough. Finally, with the vaccines there is a feeling that there is something we in primary care can do about this pandemic. Often I have conversations with patients who express hesitancy about getting the vaccine to prevent Covid19. After we talk together about the vaccine and their concerns they usually decide to get vaccinated. This has helped to give me back some hope that I can finally help to get us out of this. Now more than ever I feel honored that patients trust my guidance when it comes to their and their family’s health.”


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