We Love Our Staff: Meet Dr. Krishna Rao!

Today I have the honor of introducing you to one of our physicians, who has dedicated the majority of his career to Lowell CHC. Please meet Dr. Krishna Rao, chief of our adult medicine service. Dr. Rao prepared a special poem for us. Thank you, Dr. Rao, and happy anniversary!

18 years it is, in 2 weeks

As if it is yesterday, it feels.

For me it has been more than a home,

Never felt that way anywhere in the dome.

Patient’s smiles and blessings,

A privilege to lessen someone’s suffering.

COVID pandemic or measles,

We come together like honey bees!

Friendship and love all around and lots of passion,

Or is it community centered LCHC mission.


Can’t thank enough for having me with you!!


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