We Love Our Staff: Meet Jamie!

Meet Jamie, accounting supervisor in our finance department. Jamie, you say you don’t work on the front line, but please know that every role is essential when caring for patients. And you care abundantly!

Jamie shares, “I have worked at a community health center since I was old enough to work, in fact my entire accounting career has only been at community health centers. What started out as a summer job while in high school turned into a career choice for me, and since coming to Lowell Community Health Center, I’ve never felt more connected to a community.

Working in finance I don’t have the same experiences as those who work directly with patients or on the front line, but from day one I felt a connection to Lowell, and to the staff of the Health Center.

I received such a warm welcome from everyone I met, and as I learned more about our programs, our mission, how we started and where we came from, I was truly in awe of all that LCHC has done and continues to do. The array of services we provide to members of the community (and surrounding communities), and how we incorporate and consider the many cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds in everything we do is so inspiring and should not be overlooked. We have some of the most amazing staff members, who epitomize the meaning of the word selfless and truly give their whole heart to our mission.

Working here has brought people into my life, who I’m not sure I would have ever met, but undoubtedly make my world better just in knowing them. I feel blessed to be a part of a staff, a community, who make the world the better place – sincerely. I work with amazing people; I know it — and I’m grateful for it!”


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