Lumaris’ fearlessness and work ethic helped her build a life for herself and her 2 sons, first in Puerto Rico, and now in Lowell.

We are lucky she’s keeping our Lowell CHC family safe and secure here on Jackson Street.
Watching her confidently walk the halls of the Health Center, you might think Lumaris had worked here her entire life. As Security and Public Safety Supervisor, she is our eyes and ears on the ground. Just four years ago, her life was quite different.

Living in Puerto Rico with her 2 young sons, Lumaris built a career she loved and excelled at, working as a police detective for more than a decade. But her children were struggling – especially her older son, who was dealing with undiagnosed autism. No one seemed to be able to provide the guidance or services he needed. Lumaris made the bold decision to join her sister in Lowell.

For Lumaris, this meant starting over, taking any job she could find – in a factory and then a laundry. Never easily discouraged, she focused on working hard to provide for her boys and learn English, armed only with determination and a handy phone app.

“I wanted to cry every day. It was very, very difficult. In Puerto Rico I was a detective. I wanted to be doing that work.”

Watching the change in her children made it all worthwhile. Shortly after arriving, Lumaris brought her family to Lowell CHC. She immediately got the answers and support she had been seeking, thanks to swift action from Pediatrician Dr. Patty Dykstra.

“I felt such relief. In Puerto Rico I was alone. Now, I have a team. Dr. Dykstra is very special to me and my kids.”

Lumaris’s English improved quickly and she got a job in school security. When she saw a security position open up at the Health Center, she applied immediately. She was nervous. Was her English good enough? Did she have the right qualifications? She needn’t have worried. Lumaris got the job!

“The first moment I came into the Health Center, it felt like a good place to work. Every time you come in something feels special in this place. The nurses, the doctors, everyone.”

That special feeling was mutual. Her hard work and commitment to our mission, especially during the pandemic, recently earned her a well-deserved promotion to Supervisor.

“I try to protect everyone, and their culture, so everyone feels good, everyone feels safe – the people, the patients. It’s part of me.”

“The thing that I love most about this place is the different kind of people you meet. Every part of the world is represented,” she shares with a broad smile. 

“I don’t know how to explain it, but everyone at the Health Center seems connected. Here, I am very far from my family. I appreciate the family here.”