REACH LoWELL, led by Lowell CHC, seeks to eliminate disparities among the Southeast Asians and Hispanic/LatinX communities as it relates to diabetes. Learn more by watching a short video outlining the program’s mission, partners, strategies, focus areas, and goals. 

COVID/Flu Announcements

Fight Disinformation

Not sure what you can do to help fight disinformation about vaccines? It can be as simple as responding “that’s not true” in a post’s comment section and sharing science-based information. Use our “Top 10 things Everyone Needs to Know this Flu Season” as a starting point to fighting flu disinformation when you see it online!

Flu Vaccine Possible Side Effects

While a flu vaccine cannot give you the flu, there may be times when you don’t feel well after getting your flu vaccine.

Flu Vaccines Cannot Give You the Flu

No, las vacunas contra la gripe no le pueden provocar la gripe. Translation: No, flu vaccines cannot give you the flu. Preguntas frecuentes sobre la influenza (la gripe) y las vacunas contra la influenza.

Strategies for Good Health


A table with bowls of brightly colored sweet potatoes, avocado, nuts, whole grain bread, and other healthy foods

Focus Areas:

  • Food systems
  • Healthy nutrition standards
  • Breastfeeding


  • Improve health outcomes as a result of systems change implemented
  • Increase availability and access to healthier food options

Physical Activity

A man and woman, viewed from behind, jogging on a sunny road. Focus is on the pavement with the white lane divider running through the center of the photo.

Focus Areas:

  • Community built environments
  • Community advisory board


  • Increase community engagement in making improvements to the physical environment around us
  • Increase satisfaction and engagement among stakeholders and community members

Community-Clinical Linkages

A female clinician, wearing white coat and a stethiscope around her neck, sits at a desk with one hand on her keyboard and the other holding a pen. Her friendly gaze appears to be focused on a person out of the frame.

Focus Areas:

  • Exploring and implementing social needs referral systems
  • Diabetes self-management programs
  • And exploring coverage options for parts of the program


  • Increase knowledge of health disparities, cultural competence and community resources among Southeast Asian and Hispanic/Latinx communities
  • Connect people to programs that will help manage and prevent diabetes

COVID/Flu Education, Promotion, & Vaccination

A provider's gloved hand gives a woman wearing a purple mask a vaccination. Focus is on the needle going in to her arm.

Focus Areas:

  • Community COVID/flu vaccination & education
  • And COVID/flu vaccine awareness


  • Educate and empower “trusted voices” in the community
  • Increase vaccination opportunities
  • Enhance provider partnership
  • Share lessons learned with national sites

Observances & Announcements


Welcome, Romilda & Vincent!

Infant Feeding Survey

Are you a new mom or have an infant in your life? We want to learn from you about what might be helpful to ensure your baby has a healthy start.

Lowell Community Health Center is Hiring

Lowell Community Health Center is hiring! Available positions include:
• Community Health Workers – REACH LoWELL COVID/flu
REACH COVID-19/Flu Outreach Coordinator


  • September 28, 2021

    Lowell General Hospital Radiology Lab At Lowell CHC Closed

    ATTENTION PATIENTS: The Lowell General Hospital (LGH) radiology lab, located within the Lowell Community Health Center is closed until further notice.

    Any radiology exam should be completed at the LGH Saints or LGH main campus.

  • September 14, 2021

    Announcement: Changes for Out-of-State Virtual Care Appointments

    Virtual Care Appointments became a strong way to connect patients of Lowell Community Health Center with providers during the Covid-19 pandemic. For a time, some state and federal agencies waived requirements for virtual care appointments across state lines.

    However, due to changes in those previously waived requirements — effective immediately Lowell Community Health Center will no longer be able to schedule Virtual Care appointments (video or phone) for patients located outside of Massachusetts.

  • August 24, 2021

    Two regional health care providers to require employee vaccines

    “Two of the region’s largest health care providers will require vaccines for employees as coronavirus cases — and hospitalizations — rise amid the spread of the delta variant. Lowell General Hospital’s parent company, Wellforce, notified its employees of the vaccine requirement on Aug. 10. Last Friday, the Lowell Community Health Center issued its own vaccine mandate.”

Upcoming Events

  • REACH_SpeakerSeries_MenofColor

    Health & Wellness of BIPOC Leaders Series: Reflections on Life & Leading as Men of Color

    January 27, 2022, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM

    Join us for an opportunity to listen and learn from Men of Color in our community as they share their reflections on life and leading as men of color.

    Please register in advance:

Coalition Partners

The City of Lowell: There's a lot to like

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