Available at Lowell High School & Stoklosa Middle School

School-Based Health Centers are aligned with the major concern of schools: academic achievement. Lowell Community Health Center recognizes that meeting children’s and adolescents’ physical and mental health needs increases their readiness for learning, prevents them from missing time in class, and enhances opportunities for lifetime success. The Lowell High and Stoklosa Middle School-Based Health Centers are located within the schools to provide easy, immediate access to quality health care.

Beyond a focus on primary health care, School-Based Health Centers aim to meet children and adolescent’s social and emotional needs to help them reach their individual potential. Each of these School-Based Health Centers is staffed by a nurse practitioner, a medical assistant, and a mental health clinician and provides services during school hours. Services include physical exams, sport physicals, immunizations, age-appropriate health screenings, preventive education and counseling, referrals to specialty services, sick visits, management of acute and chronic problems, and mental health services.

Supported through funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Health Resources and Services Administration.

The School-Based Health Centers are open when school is open. If your child gets sick and the School-Based Health Center is closed you can call Lowell Community Health Center at 978.937.9700.

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