Founded in 1970, Lowell Community Health Center is part of a nationwide social justice movement to assure equitable access to health care. Advocating for a just and healthy community, including combatting racism in all forms, has been at our core since day one. The COVID-19 pandemic and deadly incidences of racism throughout the country have underscored our belief that racism is a public health crisis.

In support of our mission and the values of equity and inclusion on which the Health Center movement was founded more than 50 years ago, the Lowell CHC Board of Directors unanimously passed this special resolution on June 17, 2020:

Acknowledging Our Past – Looking Toward Our Future As A Just and Healthy Community

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Board Resolution Declaring that Racism is a Public Health Crisis: Our Commitment to our Community

It is hereby resolved that the Lowell Community Health Center is committed to combatting racism through:

  • Data equity, transparency & accountability that expands our understanding of population health, inclusive of race, ethnicity, and language.
  • Cultural competency and anti-racism education and training.
  • Equitable and inclusive funding, fundraising, and purchasing decisions.
  • Diverse racial representation at all levels of Lowell CHC governance, leadership, and workforce.
  • Equitable organizational policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Community and patient involvement in service and program design.
  • Advocacy for policies that improve the health of racial and ethnic minorities.

Board Resolution on Racial Equity: A Year in Review and Looking Ahead

Despite the constraints of the pandemic, we are proud to share that we have made important gains in each of the 7 areas outlined above. We invite you to review that progress.