Lowell Community Health Center has a special program that supports the healthy development of young people and empowers them to become leaders in the community. That program, called Teen BLOCK, is a FREE after-school youth program that provides an inclusive and brave space for youth to bring their ideas to life, while working in community with their peers and trusted adult allies.

Ages: 13-18

Teen Block Programs Include:

Teen Talk

Teen Talk is a weekly support group for teens to discuss common issues that they face. The group is made up of their peers and run by a Mentor/Program Coordinator of Lowell CHC Teen BLOCK. Along with discussions, there are group activities that encourage self-expression through art and writing.

Youth Reaching Out

Through the Youth Reaching Out (YRO) program, young people are able to serve agencies within the City of Lowell in order to engage and encourage them to serve their community. Youth Reaching Out’s main focus is violence prevention through strategic activities and meaningful dialogue. There is power in our voices, and Youth Reaching Out enables young people to express themselves in constructive ways.

Healthy Teens, Healthy Relationships

Making Proud Choices is a science-based curriculum which provides sexual health education. Participants work in small groups with staff to discuss values, human growth and development, relationships, dealing with family stress, and issues related to the social and emotional transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Participants develop communication and decision-making skills through interactive activities, games, and discussions. By creating a safe place for sharing, teens are able to share personal experiences in a confidential setting.

Valuing Our Insights for Civic Engagement (VOICES)

VOICES provides a space for youth to explore their personal experiences and develop leadership skills that they can use in their lives and communities to make changes they are interested in seeing.

Do I need to be a member to participate in Teen BLOCK? Yes, youth are required to register to become members. Registration is FREE.

Do I have to Pay to become a member? No.

Can I walk in to check out the program? Yes.

Upcoming Teen BLOCK Events