Note: We are no longer accepting artwork for our ArtUp collection. Thank you to our ArtUp artists and patrons for their support of this unique program that has greatly enriched our health center and will continue to do so for years to come. We celebrate the healing power of art!

“Art has the incredible power to lift the spirit and promote healing by connecting all of us on a deeper level.”

– Dr. Mary Ellen Conroy, Lowell CHC Pediatrician

Here is the ArtUp story

ArtUp, launched in 2015, is an innovative program inviting patrons to purchase one-of-a-kind works by local artists to become part of Lowell CHC’s permanent collection. Half of the purchase price went to the artist and half to pay for vital health services that aren’t covered by insurance.

Thanks to the generosity of our community, the collection grew to include more than 200 pieces of artwork by 100 local artists and raising nearly $200,000 to support Lowell CHC’s mission of providing equitable healthcare access for all.

Selected for their imagination, beauty, and ability to inspire, these works are displayed throughout our building for all to enjoy. Although we are no longer adding new pieces to the collection, you can view the artwork throughout our building at 161-101 Jackson Street.

We are grateful to those who made ArtUp happen at Lowell CHC, including Committee Members Michael Gallagher, Caroline Gallagher, Sarah Bogosian, Jim Dyment, Bill Reedy, Steve Syverson, Liz Stewart, Sara White, Maura Smith, and Barbara Gilbert.

“This was a unique opportunity for me to support two areas that are vital to our community’s well-being: the arts and Lowell Community Health Center. I know my gift will enhance the lives of thousands of individuals for years to come.”

– Michael Breda, ArtUp Patron