March 29, 2021

Lowell CHC Gains Funding and Access to Address COVID-19 Vaccine

Two-year funding and increased access to vaccines will allow Lowell CHC to address COVID-19 and bolster our commitment to equitable, affordable, quality care for our patients as we recover from the pandemic. There is much work to be done! 


March 18, 2021

A Message of Solidarity

We are deeply sorrowed by the recent murders in Atlanta targeting Asian American women. Over the past year, the Asian community across this nation has experienced discrimination and acts of violence that are deeply alarming. As a health center, we have come together to speak out against racism and xenophobia.

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March 17, 2021

New Partnership to Increase Equitable Access to COVID Vaccine

Lowell CHC has launched a partnership with Notable Health to increase equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccines. Lowell CHC is the first independent, federally qualified community health center deploying Notable’s intelligent automation platform to mobilize a COVID-19 vaccination effort.

March 16, 2021

Lowell CHC Included in President Biden’s Health Center Vaccination Program

The Lowell Community Health Center has been included in President Joe Biden’s Community Health Center Vaccination Program, which provides additional vaccines to ensure that traditionally underserved communities are not left behind during distribution.

March 11, 2021

Health Insurance Signups Available Through May 23

Looking for health insurance? Our health insurance enrollment staff can help, and there is still time!  The Mass Health Connector’s open enrollment has been extended through May 23, 2021. This means that you can apply for health insurance coverage if you are eligible for a Health Connector plan without needing to meet a qualifying event first. Call us at 978-937-9700 for an appointment. No walk-ins, please.

March 8, 2021

International Institute of New England relocates to Lowell CHC

The International Institute of New England in Lowell is relocating to Lowell Community Health Center at 101 Jackson Street, strengthening the long-standing collaboration between the two organizations as they serve Lowell’s refugee and immigrant communities.

February 25, 2021

An Important Message from Lowell Community Health Center

We join with those in our community who reject racism and bigotry in all its forms. It must not be tolerated. Hate speech is more than just hurtful. It is damaging. It is marginalizing. And it is threatening. It has no place in our community. Hate speech and hate-induced actions can have long-lasting negative effects on the health and wellbeing of our BIPOC community. We remain committed to lifting up the voices of those who are continually confronted with racist language and behavior. This is the moment to link arms, face the truth, and stand together against the damaging speech and intolerance that we have heard this week.  #racismisapublichealthcrisis

July 2, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Equity Report

As part of demonstrating Lowell Community Health Center’s commitment to equity, inclusion, and combatting racism, we are continuing to produce a COVID-19 Vaccination Equity Report. This report provides details from our vaccine distribution here at the Health Center.

March 2, 2021

Survey Addresses Food Insecurity

COVID-19 has exacerbated food insecurity across our region. You can help the Greater Lowell Community Foundation address this crisis by completing or sharing this survey with anyone who knows of youth food insecurity in Greater Lowell.