March 14, 2023

Lowell CHC CEO, and Chief Engagement & Equity Officer, Join Lori Trahan For Listening Session on Lessons from COVID

LOWELL — Are we ready for the next pandemic? What lessons were learned?

These questions were discussed during a pandemic preparedness roundtable hosted by U.S. Rep. Lori Trahan at UKG on Monday. She was joined by Massachusetts Health and Human Services Secretary Kate Walsh, and 15 area health care leaders, in a frank conversation about recovering from and preparing for the next COVID-style biothreat…

Michael Curry, who is president and chief operating officer of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, said his biggest takeaway from the pandemic was that community partnerships worked. He was one of four such nonprofits represented at the table.

That observation was endorsed by CEO Susan Levine of the Lowell Community Health Center.

“We reach over half the population in the city of Lowell,” Levine said. “We learned during the pandemic how critical community health centers are in being the trusted providers of care for our communities.”

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