March 21, 2023

Lowell CHC Places High Priority on Childhood Literacy

Dr. Daza Nunez

Dr. Daza Nunez is carrying the torch for early literacy at Lowell CHC, where children receive brand new books during well-child visits through Reach out and Read.

Dr. Nunez has always had a love of language and community health. She speaks English and Spanish and is working hard to perfect her Portuguese. Lowell Community Health Center is the perfect place to sharpen her skills.

“I really love the values here … it means a lot to me to be part of a work place where I am not just a doctor, my background makes a difference, where I can understand the culture of my patients.”

Growing up in Colombia, Dr. Nunez always felt drawn to public service. The Reach Out and Read program brings her love for service to life. Dr. Nunez understands the impact reading has on our young patients. Reflecting the health center’s mission, she has ensured the program provides books in a number of languages to reflect our evolving patient population, including Portuguese, Dari and Pashto, much to the delight of newly arrived patients from Afghanistan.

“I love absolutely everything about this reading program” Dr. Daza Nunez says. “It goes beyond just promoting literacy. It’s about a connection between parents, their children, and our providers. It creates such benefits for families. When they see and interact with these beautiful books, especially in their own language, it means so much.”

Our whole-child model of care is only possible thanks to community support.