Cheryl spent most of her life thinking her health conditions would hold her back.

Today, this strong young woman sees a future filled with possibility – knowing Lowell CHC has her back.

Legally blind since childhood, Cheryl is used to navigating the world in her own way. Managing her diabetes also became a way of life.

Even as her health deteriorated, Cheryl did her best to continue as she always had, despite feeling increasingly alone and overwhelmed.

Soon after arriving here from the Dominican Republic, Cheryl realized it was time for a change. Out of insulin and other supplies, she found her way to the Health Center – where she realized she didn’t need to carry these burdens alone.

“Honestly, I did what I needed to do to just get by. Now, having someone help me stay on top of it, I’ve gotten so much better – it’s changed the way I feel about myself.”

Cheryl quickly connected with a primary care provider who could look at the whole picture. She also started seeing Sylvia Worrell, one of our Behavioral Health providers, who helped her navigate her moods and outlook. And Lowell CHC’s trained medical interpreters, like Maria Cruz, became advocates and friends, making sure communication wasn’t yet another hurdle.

If the smile on her face isn’t proof enough, no one can argue with the numbers. Her A1c levels, a key marker of health for diabetic patients, have come down from above 10 to a healthy 7.1.

“I’ve seen a big difference – and I just feel so much better!”

Between her vision impairment and diabetes, Cheryl imagined she would always be dependent on family and friends. Today, she sees herself – and her future – differently.

“In the past, I didn’t see myself as independent, but now I can,” she says, a wide smile illuminating her face.

We stand in awe of Cheryl and all she’s accomplished. And we can’t wait to see what this young woman does next.

“Thank God I found the Health Center! I would recommend this clinic to anyone. It’s done amazing things for me!”