Dr. Rajesh

For 20+ years, Dr. Rajesh has been a guiding force in caring for our community.

Now, he’s talking to the Lowell Sun about welcoming Pediatric patients back into the Health Center – and the surprise benefits of telehealth.

Lowell Community Health Center doctor brings passion to telehealth

By Emma Murphy (Lowell Sun)

“Around 7:45 a.m., Rajesh Kumble starts his day with a call to one of his patients. Over the course of the morning the Lowell Community Health Center Chief of Pediatrics will speak with about 10 patients before spending the afternoon meeting with staff, sorting schedules and coordinating with other care providers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kumble’s routine has not changed much except that now those meetings with staff and check-ins with patients are made over the phone and via video.

‘We have really found a reliable alternative in telehealth,’ Kumble said.

Kumble joined the center in 1997 and soon after became Chief Medical Officer, a position he held until 2018 when Kumble stepped down to become the center’s Chief of Pediatrics.

Kumble decided to change roles to spend more time with his family – his son has just entered high school.

Though ready to change jobs, Kumble was not ready to leave the center. It has been a major part of his life.

‘We are making huge changes in the community with our patients and patient population so that keeps me here,’ Kumble said. ‘I feel like I’m making a difference.’

What makes the center so special for Kumble is the diversity in the population he helps, the ability to work with community members like local shelters and school health teams and directly seeing the center’s impact in the community.”