Meet Dr. Kuan: Passion & Perseverance

“It’s the best job in the world. My mission is to serve – to put other’s needs before my own every single day. Some days are harder than others, but if I can help just one person, that’s enough to keep me going.”

How did Dr. Joshua Kuan end up here in Lowell? “H Mart,” he says with a completely straight face, before cracking a smile. “No, really.”

Especially after spending most of his life in urban centers like Toronto and New York City, diverse food – and the cultures it represents – is important to him. Thankfully, with an H Mart (a grocery chain specializing in Asian cuisine) in nearby Burlington, Lowell made the cut.

His journey to Lowell Community Health Center was far from traditional, but has framed his world view – and approach to caring for patients.

Growing up in Toronto, Joshua always felt a pull towards medicine. In fact, his name actually means saving people. “I always related to that,” he recalls.

But he worried a career as a MD was out of reach, a goal he would have needed to start planning for in elementary school, only available to the top 1% of students. Instead, he decided to major in kinesiology during undergrad, looking towards a career in physical therapy, or something else aligned with his athletic interests.

When it came time to take the next step, his mother encouraged him to think outside the box and outside the United States. Soon, he was accepted to Medical School at St. George’s University in Grenada. There, he embraced every opportunity and never looked back.

“What I love about medicine is that there is always more, always something to learn. It motivates and excites me.”

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Dr. Joshua Kuan’s mission

As we all know, 2020 was a chaotic time to be in healthcare, especially in dense urban centers like New York City. Joshua looked at it as an opportunity. When it was “all hands on deck” he rolled up his sleeves. It was just what he had been waiting for.

As the intensity of the early months of the pandemic calmed down, he knew it was time to make another move – this time looking for place where he could put down roots, and hone his skills. He wanted a place that felt like home. And, of course, could provide access to eclectic cuisine. When he came to visit Lowell CHC, everything just felt right.

He and his wife and young daughter couldn’t be happier – and they can still make it to New York City and back in a day to satisfy a particular culinary craving.

“What makes Lowell CHC so meaningful to me are the people; the patients we get to serve and the colleagues with whom we share this mission. It is such a privilege to be a part of this incredibly diverse community.”

What are Stories of HOPE?

Health, first and foremost, because it is our firm belief that everyone should have access to care – regardless of ability to pay. They are also stories of the opportunities that good health provides, the power of people helping people, and experiences that connect us.

It’s our hope that sharing these stories in the coming months will lift the curtain so you can see for yourself how – together – we are building a just and healthy community.