Meet Lisa: A Journey to Wellness

“Knowing I have a team here at the Health Center that believes in me and cares about me, it makes me feel like I can care about me. It’s that extra person rooting me on.”

These days, Lisa is savoring the little (and not so little) joys of life: time with family, FaceTiming with her almost 2-year-old grandson, and conversations with good friends. “I’m in the process of taking care of me,” she says with a look of immense satisfaction.

She’s not sure any of it would have been possible without Lowell Community Health Center.

Earlier in life, Lowell CHC was there for her when she overcame addiction. In the many years since, her attention shifted to caring for others, including raising her 2 children.

A few years ago, that changed. “I was getting older and I realized, maybe I’m not doing all I can for my health.”

She knew just where to start – connecting with her primary care team at Lowell CHC. She quickly felt at ease with Dr. Catherine Yu.

“Dr. Yu really listens to me and asks questions. Having someone who knows me, really understands my health history, it means a lot.”

Together, they made a plan to get Lisa up to date with all of her routine screenings and schedule appointments with specialists to address her concerns. Lisa was surprised to learn much of that could happen right here at Lowell CHC.

Give the gift of HOPE
to patients like Lisa

A proactive order for blood work surprised both Lisa and Dr. Yu, revealing a diabetes diagnosis. Early detection enabled them to put a treatment plan into action. Since diabetes can lead to vision loss, this included a trip to our first-floor Niki Tsongas Eye Care Center.

“Our integrated model of care provides such a benefit to patients,” says Dr. Yu. “Whether it’s a trip downstairs for an eye or dental exam – or even seeing a specialist – it means we can help connect the dots. It’s what leads to long-term wellness.”

Since re-committing to her health, and with a team behind her, Lisa is feeling better than ever. She has stopped smoking. Her diabetes is well under control. She has a spring in her step and a smile at the ready for all those important FaceTime calls.

“I know I have a place where I can come, to be cared for – no matter what happens. That will be with me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s such a relief and means so much to me.”

What are Stories of HOPE?

Health, first and foremost, because it is our firm belief that everyone should have access to care – regardless of ability to pay. They are also stories of the opportunities that good health provides, the power of people helping people, and experiences that connect us.

It’s our hope that sharing these stories in the coming months will lift the curtain so you can see for yourself how – together – we are building a just and healthy community.