Meet Sylvia

Sylvia is in her 60s, and often works more than 40 hours a week – even suffering through severe pain in her teeth. Sylvia needed dentures. It couldn’t wait any longer.

“We see a lot of patients pushing through and just accepting constant pain,” laments Sorasmi, Dental Care Coordinator Supervisor, who helps patients access care. “The transition to dentures is complex for anyone. But, our patients face even more barriers.”

Many of our patients must travel all the way to Boston for more medically complex services, like the multiple extractions Sylvia would need to prepare for dentures. Local oral surgeons are not covered by their insurance. Some patients must also endure up to 8 months without teeth, unable to afford temporary dentures – also not covered.

“I would meet with patients, see the panic in their faces… how will I pay? How will I get there? How will I manage?” Sorasmi says with a sigh.

Now, all of that has changed, thanks to you and our Smiles4Families Fund.

“The relief on their faces… you can see how much it means to them,” Sorasmi shares.

Thanks to you, Sylvia is all smiles. The care team she knows and trusts at Lowell CHC was able to book her appointments in Boston and arrange transportation around her work schedule. We also helped cover the cost of her temporary dentures so she could eat, smile, and get back to her life sooner – without worrying about the financial impact.

Sylvia is not alone. Thanks to you, many more patients are realizing that dental care doesn’t have to be a source of pain or anxiety.

Your support means that we can care for all patients in the best way possible for their long-term health and wellness – regardless of their bank account balance. Give to Lowell CHC Today.

Name and some details changes to protect patient privacy.