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Yoeun and his wife San, both in their early 60s, found Lowell Community Health Center after Yoeun felt light-headed and lost consciousness while at work. Yoeun was rushed to the local emergency room where he was diagnosed with dangerously high blood sugar levels, and a severe case of diabetes. Yoeun was so sick he wasn’t able to return to his job as a contractor.

Seven-year-old Charlotte was a familiar face at Lowell Community Health Center’s Metta Health Center. Anytime Charlotte had a cold or a cough her cautious mother Jane brought her to see Nurse Practitioner Catherine Elie to be sure Charlotte was quickly cared for. Charlotte, her brother, and both of her parents all received their care at the Health Center.

Meet Kelly, one of the 50,000 people cared for at Lowell Community Health Center.

She’s just 20 years old, but Lowell native Kelly Logn has already experienced a lot of ups and downs in her young life.

Interpreter for a pediatric visit for a child.
Interpreter for an adult behavioral health visit to treat depression.
Health Benefits Counselor to enroll a family in health insurance.
Special care management for a patient with diabetes.
Care management and home visits for a child with asthma.

978 746 6867

Donate by phone using your credit or debit card.

161 Jackson St., Lowell, MA 01825

To donate by mail, please make checks payable to “Lowell Community Health Center.”

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